I’m a writer and editor with 12-plus years of experience, and my specialties include:

  • Creating content for the web
  • Writing and editing news and feature stories
  • Creating press releases and performing media relations duties
  • Developing, managing and auditing collateral

I chose my career well, as I am passionate about words and language and awed by the power they generate. I adore good grammar, punctuation, spelling and AP style, and I’ve been known to engage in lengthy discussions about hyphens and compound modifiers. People call me ‘outgoing,’ ‘optimistic’ and ‘enthusiastic,’ all of which fit, and I’m a go-getter who thrives on deadlines and in fast-paced environments.

I live in Phoenix, where I’m raising two amazing children. I blog avidly, have a penchant for baking and sometimes find time to write a short story or two.

Thank you for visiting!

Megan Krause, Phoenix, Arizona